February 27, 2015


Friends of Sound Horse (FOSH) is pleased to announce the Award winners for the 2014 FOSH Gaited Distance Program.  The FOSH Gaited Distance Program is a Division of the FOSH Gaited Sport Horse that records, recognizes and rewards gaited horses involved in the sports of Competitive Trail Riding, Limited Distance and Endurance Riding.  Entrants included the Icelandic Horse, Spotted Saddle Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, Single Footing Horse, Missouri Fox Trotting Horse, Paso Fino and Rocky Mountain Horse.  The high mileage award winner was a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse in the Endurance Division.


Predominio de la Armistad a Paso Fino owned by Susan Crawford of York, PA was the award recipient in the Light Weight Division of the Competitive Trail Category.  The Reserve in this Division was the Paso Fino Illuvia de la Pluma also owned by Susan Crawford.


Dancer’s American Beauty a Missouri Fox Trotter owned by Dorothy Foster of Oroville, CA was the winner of the Limited Distance Award in the Lightweight Division.  The reserve in this category was  a Tennessee Walking Horse, Scarlet Ribbons Gold Rush owned by Valerie Lewis Jaffe of Ennis, TX.   Rothadis fra’ Tolthaven was the award winner in Heavyweight division in the Limited Distance category.  Owned by Raven Flores of Roberts, WI this mare was the winner of the 2013 award in the Heavyweight division of Competitive Trail category.

Mocha Jack, a horse familiar to those in the sport of Endurance repeated his win from 2013 by capturing the Endurance Lightweight Division.  This Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse is owned and ridden by Becky Lange of Santa Maria, CA.  The reserve in this Division was also a repeat winner from 2013.  The Tennessee Walking Horse Ebony’s Bravo Moon was reserve in the Lightweight Endurance category.  Owned by Laurie Henschel of Clintonville, WI he was the 2013 winner of the Limited Distance Award.

Champagne Supernova a Singlefooting horse owned by Laura Horst of Cool, CA was the winner in the Endurance Heavyweight Division.

Mocha Jack captured the Overall High Milege Award by logging the greatest number of competitive miles in any Category.  In earning these miles, Mocha Jack had 12 top ten finishes including 1 first, 1 second, 1 third, 2 fourths, and 2 fifths.  This Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse is owned and ridden by Becky Lange.  The Tennesse Walking Horse, Ebony’s Bravo Moon owned by Laurie Henschell was reserve.   Stonewall Saddle Company was the sponsor of the High Mileage Award.


FOSH thanks all gaited horse owners who supported the GOSH Gaited Distance Program in 2014.  We look forward to the 2015 competitive year and the opportunity to recognize and reward gaited horses who compete in the equine sport of Competitive Trail Rides, Limited Distance and Endurance.


Since 1998, FOSH is the only national organization dedicated to the promotion of the sound gaited horse emotionally, mentally and physically; fair competition; and humane training and education regardless of breed or discipline.