Gaited horses invited to participate in NAWD Midsummer Celebration Virtual Show


North American Western Dressage has exciting news for gaited horse owners: gaited tests will be offered as separate Western and traditional dressage classes in NAWD’s Midsummer Celebration virtual show, which takes place July 2–10 nationwide.


Gaited tests are offered by Friends of Sound Horses, a NAWD partner. Both Western and traditional dressage tests for gaited horses are available online at


“We have seen a steady increase in participation of gaited horses in our virtual shows and are thrilled to partner with Friends of Sound Horses to offer these tests designed specifically for these breeds,” NAWD Executive Director Jen Johnson said. “Special thanks to Dianne Little, Alece Ellis, Jennie Jackson and Coeli Netsky for the work that they have done to support our efforts in this area.”


Both gaited-horse specialty classes in the NAWD Midsummer Celebration will be judged by Michelle Binder-Zolezzi; learn more about her at Gaited horses performing USEF or NAWD tests will be judged according to training scale principles and placed with the trotting horses.


In addition to Western and traditional dressage tests and gaited tests, the NAWD Midsummer Celebration virtual show offers classes for NAWD Six Feet on the Ground and NAWD Trail (in-hand or mounted). Artisan ribbons are awarded in each class through sixth place, and special versatility awards will be presented to exhibitors with the highest test score averages in at least three tests, one of which being an in-hand test.


NAWD offers virtual shows throughout the year, bringing the opportunity for friendly competition to everyone, no matter where they live. Learn more at



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