Diane grew up in Montana where she started training and riding Tennessee Walking Horses in 1970. 

She has coached and/or ridden several Tennessee Walking Horses to National Versatility Championships. Over the years she has worked with many smooth gaited breeds. While she is sought after for her expertise with gaited horses, Diane's experience extends to the non-gaited breeds as well.

Diane's breadth of experience in the horse world allows her to incorporate a range of teaching and training methods and translate them effectively between walk-trot and gaited horses. Diane's philosophy is a more natural approach, based on balance and elastic connection between horse and rider. She says "Anything else is a quick fix, throwing the horse into just enough imbalance that it has to do some form of a four beat gait. It may feel smooth, but the timing, purity, and quality of movement suffer. Sooner or later, both the horse and rider end up stiff and sore."

While living and training in Canada for eight years, Diane helped write the competitive dressage tests for Tennessee Walking Horses in Canada-the first competitive standards for gaited horse dressage anywhere.

Diane is on of Peggy Cummings' original certified Connected Riding instructors and is a licensed judge with the Independent Judges' Association. 

Diane currently lives in Denver, Pennsylvania.

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