Bucky and Nancy Sparks live in Cortez Colorado where they raise and train their Walking Horses. They take riding lessons from a dressage trainer named Mary Walhood.

The training methods that they use are deeply influenced by classical training and over time have been adapted to the unique needs of the Walking Horse. The goal is to optimize the flat walk and running walk through achieving balance, looseness, engagement, softness and soundness. The Sparks' call their method B.L.E.S.S. your Walking Horse.

Bucky and Nancy love to school horses in their arena and they love showing their horses at FOSH shows. They also love riding the high desert and mountains, which surround their Colorado home. Bucky hunts for deer and elk each fall and even the show horses are called in to service for riding and packing out game. Their show horses are treated no differently than the rest of the herd, they are using horses and enjoyed thoroughly.

The Sparks mentor three youth riders and one adult amateur rider. Sharing the skills they have learned from others is a joy to them and seeing a horse and rider make progress together deeply satisfying. Bucky gives riding lessons and has a gift for communicating information to people. Nancy enjoys working with young horses and writing curriculum.

Bucky has had horses since he was 15 years old and was employed as a cowboy for the Wallace family. Nancy got her first horse at the age of 33. The Sparks feel that they rode incorrectly for years and attribute their dressage lessons for teaching them correct horsemanship. They are anxious to share what they have learned with those interested in learning. They feel their method of training is particularly helpful to those who wish to improve their horse's flat walk and running walk. Their approach to training is device and cruelty free, relying on sound training principles, which are easily learned and practiced.

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