Equitheater Now

EquiTheater Contest

  • Free contest on YouTube. 
  • $500 prize pool sponsored by: www.EquiTheater.com
  • Only open to FOSH members
  • Viewer’s choice awards.
  • Voting by the public. 
  • Act with the largest number of viewers is the winner. 
  • Anyone can view and vote. 
  • Anyone can view and vote more than once.
  • FOSH members may enter as many new acts as they like during the contest period.  A new act is one that has not previously been entered into the EquiTheater contest.
  • Acts can be performed anywhere – at a show, in your backyard


Rules of Competition

  • Contest is free.
  • Prize pool is $500 sponsored by www.EquiTheater.com
  • Prize money to be awarded to fifth place ($175, $150, $100, $50, $25).  If fewer than 5 contestants, prize money will be adjusted. 
  • The act may consist of 1, 2 or 3 horses and exhibitors and as many props and supporting people (extras) as desired.  
  • One of the exhibitors in the act must be a FOSH member.  Supporting people (extras) need not be FOSH members.
  • The entry must be submitted by the FOSH member.
  • All horses, ponies, mules or donkeys must be easy gaited either registered or non-registered.  They may be ridden, lead or driven or any combination.
  • The act has not been previously entered and officially accepted into the FOSH EquiTheater YouTube Contest.
  • The act may have been recorded any time previous to or during the contest period.  
  • It is not necessary the act be recorded in public.
  • A contestant may enter any number of acts. 
  • Music and Video must be clearly audible and visible.
  • Video footage must be continuous and unedited.
  • Videos must be posted on YouTube only. 
  • Winners determined by the number of Views on YouTube during the contest period.
  • All videos submitted to a review committee for compliance. 
  • Competition runs from October 1, 2011 to September 2012 
  • Winners will be announced prior to October 31, 2012.

prize sponsored by: www.EquiTheater.com

Requirements (checklist)

  • EquiTheater is performing a Skit, telling a story and should not to be confused with horse or horses dancing to music, a liberty routine, a pattern or rail class. 
  • The Song, Act and Costuming must all be "G" rated.  (*see IJA Rules for more details and restrictions).
  • A minimum of 2 gaits must be shown in each direction.
  • The use of space must be balanced.
  • The act includes at least one stop.
  • The act includes at least one back up.
  • Music and Video must be clearly audible and visible.
  • Video footage must be continuous and unedited.

How to enter

  • Video your act.
  • Register and Create an account on YouTube.
  • Upload video of your act to YouTube and set as “Limited Viewing”.
  • Submit this YouTube link to the review committee at ddlittle@telusplanet.net for compliance with official act requirements.
  • After review and approval by the committee, an entry number is issued for each act.
  • Title your act EquiTheater_FOSH_ and the issued entry number.
  • Change the viewing option on YouTube to “Public Viewing”.
  • Encourage people to view the video of your act. 
  • Remember winners will be determined by the number of “Views”.  The number of "VIEWS" become the number of VOTES.


Go here to view winning entry

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