HIO Inspection Program (Affiliating a Show)

FOSH has an established an inspection program staffed with trained and certified experts whose purpose shall be to ensure that

the provisions of the Horse Protection Act [HPA or the Act] and its regulations are reliably and

impartially fulfilled and who shall be known as Designated Qualified Persons [DQPs] when

operating in the field. DQPs have no enforcement authority other than as is delegated by the USDA

for inspections at shows, sales, and exhibitions where they have been assigned as part of a contract

affiliation program entered into by a show, sale, or exhibition manager and FOSH.


FOSH sees its relationship with the USDA as one of partnership in ending the illegal practices

of soring and pressure shoeing in the equine industry, as outlined in the Horse Protection Act [Act],

while providing safeguards for compliant exhibitors by ensuring that horses that are unfit to enter

the show ring are not placed in competition.


FOSH has been certified by the USDA to inspect horses and write citations for violations of the

Act. The legal responsibility to enforce the Act rests solely with the USDA and is not a responsibility

that can be delegated to any non-federal/ non-governmental agency or organization.


  1. 2012 HIO Inspection/DQP Manual and Protocol
  2. Show DQP Affiliation Form 2013
  3. The Inspectors (DQPs)
  4. Responsibilities of Show Management
  5. FOSH DQP Program application
  6. DQP Renewal
  7. Acknowledgement and Waiver of Liability

DQP Coordinator

Teresa Bippen

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