FOSH Partners with Imagine A Horse

Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH) is excited to announce its partnership with Sue De Laurentis of Imagine A Horse in the “Visten Project”.

FOSH is a national leader in the promotion of natural, sound gaited horses and in the fight against abuse and soring of gaited horses especially the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Imagine A Horse is a revolutionary method of using modern Trick Horse Training and Equine Agility as a basis for creating the Ultimate Companion Horse.

Visten is a registered yearling Tennessee Walking Horse colt that was obtained as a rescue horse. Visten arrived at the Imagine A Horse facility in Dripping Springs, Texas in Feb 2009 to begin his educational journey. The Visten Project is designed to demonstrate the versatility, intelligence and trainability of the natural gaited horse and additionally stress the feasibility of adopting rescue horses. His life and education will be chronicled in the official FOSH magazine, the Sound Advocate. Downloadable film clips, DVDs and other materials will be available at the FOSH website and the Imagine a Horse website.

Long term physical welfare of the horse is an emphasis of Visten’s training at Imagine A Horse as he will not be started under saddle until four years of age or in other words--physical maturity. It is the proven philosophy of Imagine A Horse that Enlightened Trick Horse Training is a basis for enhancing the intelligence and willingness of a companion horse long before under saddle work begins at physical maturity. Horse owners can realize the unlimited potential of their own horses with creative activities that engage the horse’s interest while creating reliability, safety, and two-way communication skills. Such training provides many hours of satisfactory interaction for an owner with her horse before he is physically mature enough for under saddle work.

Although De Laurentis has agreed to donate a significant portion of the year long training costs for the project additional sponsorships are welcomed to include veterinary care, promotional appearances and board.  FOSH is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations for  the Visten Project can be designated through the FOSH web site at, and the home pages of both and Please designate Visten when making donations.

For more information about FOSH or to become a member, please visit or call 1-800-651-7993.  (For more information about Imagine A Horse, visit or call 512-264-0442.

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