FOSH Addresses Media Reports Regarding Use of Chains



Contact Person:  Teresa Bippen

Various recent media reports have misrepresented the position of Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH) regarding the use of chains as action devices on gaited horses.  The FOSH mission statement is fully supported by its Board of Directors and Executive Advisory Committee: " FOSH will only support flat shod or barefoot horses, and will never endorse any event  that uses stacks or chains as action devices,  nor any mechanical, chemical or artificial means to modify the natural gaits of the horse."  FOSH's position is that the use of chains in competition can encourage the practice of soring. The organization has made no statement and taken no position that the use of chains in competion on is not cruel.

FOSH is a national leader in the promotion of natural, sound gaited horses and in the fight against abuse and soring of Tennessee Walking Horses.  For more information about FOSH or to become a member, please visit or 1-800-651-7993.

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