Soring to Win



FOSH, Friends of Sound Horses, one of the leading humane groups in the fight to end the illegal and cruel practice of soring, announced an analysis of recent show ring winners that provides new data to answer the question of whether soring is required to win in the Walking Horse industry show ring.

The 1st place winners for the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration Show were reviewed and analyzed. In 2007, 73% of these individuals winning had a history of Horse Protection Act (HPA) violations, averaging 5.1 violations each. In 2006, 85% of these winners had violations, averaging again 5.2 violations each.

Not only does soring appear to be commonly accepted, it could even be considered a "badge of honor" in this industry. Why else would the Walking Horse industry invite individuals with HPA violations to serve as judges for the 2008 Celebration, the industry's most prestigious show? An analysis of the violation records of this year's judges reveals that of the five individuals selected to judge the 2008 Celebration, there are 14 HPA violations shared among them.

Individuals that amass numerous HPA violations within a certain timeframe are subject to lengthy suspensions; however, that did not deter one exhibitor at the 2007 Celebration from showing. While on a five year HPA suspension, he showed and placed well enough to be awarded a ribbon.

FOSH is a national leader in the promotion of natural, sound gaited horses and in the fight against abuse and soring of Tennessee Walking Horses. For more information about FOSH, or to become a member, please visit or call 800-651-7993.

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