FOSH Provides Funding to Nationally 
Distribute Anti-Soring DVD



FOSH announced that it has funded the national distribution of the award winning, anti-soring video, See It Through My Eyes. See It Through My Eyes won its creators the coveted Gold Award from the Girl Scouts of America. The DVD was produced by three senior Girl Scouts in Franklinville, New York. The Gold Award is the highest nationally recognized award a Girl Scout can earn.

Ashley Schichtel, April Zendarski and Holly Zendarski of Senior Troop 44 in Franklinville took on the problem of abuses in the gaited horse industry. Two years in the making, with many prerequisites, they produced an eight minute educational DVD about the soring of gaited horses and what people can do to stop this abusive practice. Skills learned, used and applied included photography, script writing, movie making software programming and obtaining permission from various sources to use photographs, production and distribution.

Copies of the award winning DVD have been sent to Girl Scout councils around the United States where the problem of soring is most prevalent. Countless requests have been received for their DVD. The girls will be receiving their award at the Gold Award banquet in May of 2009.

Ashley Schichtel is a senior at Ten Broeck Academy in Frankinville. Ashley plans to attend college after graduation. Both Holly and April Zendarski are students of Breyer State University, working on their Bachelor of Science degree in equine studies. Holly hopes to be a Parelli natural horsemanship trainer and April hopes to pursue a career in equine massage therapy and natural horsemanship training.

About the project, Holly tells us, "It's been an interesting journey to experience!" April said she is glad they chose this subject. "It is something that everyone needs to know about, even those who are not horse owners. It's just that important!"

You can view their DVD on YouTube at:

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