FOSH Announces Financial Support for Equine Expos :


Contact Person: Teresa Bippen

FOSH Announces Financial Support for Equine Expos (11/30/2007)

Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH) has announced that in 2008 a limited number of $200 stipends will be available to sound, gaited horse groups or individuals that are exhibitors at equine expositions in 2008 provided they are members of FOSH. FOSH is providing the funds to help its members defray the costs of participating in the expos. The funds are available on a first come, first serve basis for local and regional sound, gaited horse groups that agree to promote the sound, gaited horse and FOSH. There will be one stipend per expo available. No group may receive more than two stipends in 2008, and expos must be at the state level or for a multi-state region. Appearances at county and local expos are not eligible for the stipend.

FOSH members had great success at spreading the word on the sound, natural gaited horse in 2007 in Missouri, Nebraska, Alabama, California and a few other states. Information was shared via one on one communications with booth visitors, breed demonstrations and on occasion, through individual stallion demos.

How does the program work? Participating parties must sign an agreement before the expo that they are FOSH members, will display and distribute FOSH literature and promote FOSH and sound, natural horses. FOSH will communicate to the exhibitor in advance if the expo is eligible for a rebate. In addition, a short article reporting on the expo experience must be submitted for possible publication in the Sound Advocate following the expo. After the report is received, FOSH will pay the stipend.

FOSH created new literature and materials in early 2007 so depending upon the timing of your expo last year, there may be different pieces available. FOSH also supplies FOSH buttons and a tabletop brochure holder. If there are extra Sound Advocates, we will send some samples as well. For signage, we offer several FOSH vinyl banners. Banners rotate their way around the country to the various expos so these are loaned out on a first come basis.

The 2008 Expo Rebate Agreement is available in the "Files" section in the left margin of this FOSHFriends Yahoo Group. The form will be submitted to the Webmaster for posting on the FOSH web page.

Whether you plan to apply for the stipend or not, please contact Teresa Bippen ( as soon as possible if you plan to participate in an expo so that FOSH has as much advance notice as possible for shipping literature and rotating banners around the U.S. If you or your local group are new to expos, there are several experienced individuals that can answer your questions and provide some pointers.

I hope you consider joining the Expo crowd!

Click here for  - 2008 Expo Rebate Agreement

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