FOSH to Present Gaited Horse Judging Clinic in Europe :


Contact Person: Teresa Bippen

FOSH to Present Gaited Horse Judging Clinic in Europe
December 19, 2007

History will be made when Dianne Little, Friends of Sound Horses
(FOSH) Director of Judging, presents an Independent Judges
Association (IJA) judging clinic in South Germany, prior to the
European Championships for Tennessee Walking Horses. At this time, Natural Walking Horses (NWH) promotes horses that are barefoot or plain shod, that can perform a true four beat walking gait.

Little was recently contacted by Carolin Klaus, European Tennessee
Walking Horse Association (ETWHA) Executive Director, to present a two-day judging clinic July 30-31. It would be held in preparation
for the European Championship Aug. 1-3. The hope is to have three
TWH judges for that show. "I had expected such a request a year
from now," Little said. "I was surprised but pleased that they want
the clinic this year. I think the acceleration of the sound horse
movement in Europe is significant." The European Championship will feature Tennessee Walkers, Peruvian Pasos and Paso Finos. Mary Donald, Rupert, Idaho, is the IJA judge selected to officiate over the Peruvian Pasos at this show.

The request for a sound horse clinic came after many European
Walking Horse owners wanted sound rules to identify sound horses.
They formed The Natural Walking Horse Association to protect their
horses and honor a natural way of going. "It would be more than
wonderful if we could have a two-day judging clinic before the
show," Klaus said. "All the NWH founders would be very honored to
have Ms. Little and a FOSH IJA Judge's Clinic in Europe. I believe
a FOSH Judges' clinic will be like a big bang in the European
walking horse scene."

Little suggested that the annual IJA judging clinic be held in
Germany this year. The FOSH Board of Director enthusiastically
agreed. "I felt the promotional value of FOSH/IJA representing the
sound horse in Europe was huge, and would outweigh any adverse
effects of the lack of a judging clinic in Florida this year."
Little said. "Being the first organization asked to provide a sound,
natural gaited horse judging clinic in Europe is a tremendous

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