Trainer of the Year


FOSH has announced its plan to honor the Trainer Of  The Year for 2010.

“The trainers program speaks for itself,” said Nancy Harding, FOSH Board Member, Region 2 FOSH vice president and director of high point and versatility programs. “There are trainers that train for show, but we have many who have horses they trained to incredible standards that never enter a show ring. We need to honor, recognize and encourage all our sound and natural trainers.”

Candidates for this award must be FOSH members and professional trainers. They can be nominated by someone else or may nominate themselves.

The horses considered will be trail, event, dressage, competitive and endurance as well as show horses. Trainers will submit testimonials, pictures, documentation and other factors explaining why they should earn this honor.

Trainers will be judged on how well they adhere to the FOSH Sound Principles and apply them in their training methods. Entries for the 2010 award must submit their entries no later than January 15, 2011.

            The Trainer Of The Year will be given two complimentary full page ads in the Sound Advocate was well as a plaque proclaiming the honor.
            This program was created by Nancy Harding. A panel of qualified judges will be announced in the near future.
            For further information, please telephone Nancy at 731-925-0209.


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