Breeder’s Award Program

FOSH will kick off a new Breeder’s Award Program for Tennessee Walking Horses and Missouri Fox Trotters in 2010.

“We wanted to honor our members that are sound, high quality breeders,” said Nancy Harding, FOSH board member, Region 2 Vice President and High Point and Versatility Director. “A qualified panel will be put together to judge each breeds’ entries.”

The selected breeders receive two free full-page Sound Advocate ads and memorial plaques. This pilot program is open to just two breeds this year. However, FOSH will expand the program to other breeds if an interest is shown.

 Although the rules are the same, there will be separate competitions for Tennessee Walkers and for Fox Trotters. These are the guidelines:

            Horses must be registered or have registration pending.
            The breeder must be a FOSH member.
            The breeder must have and own the mare on their farm.
            The breeder must present copies of mare and stallion registration.
            The breeder must submit a video of the candidate, attempting to present the epitome of the breed’s gait, disposition and conformation.
            The breeder must explain the reasoning and hoped outcome for breeding the stallion to the mare.
            The breeder may submit one entry or many.
            The video will be evaluated by a qualified panel of peers and IJA judges.
            Entries for 2010 foals must be submitted by 1-15-2011.
            Further information is available by contacting Nancy at 731-925-0209.



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