The Friends of Sound Horses [FOSH] sanctioned show circuit is designed to be user friendly. Think of the circuit as a sort of co-op, a place where we can work together to achieve common goals, while retaining local autonomy. You can select as much or as little of the package of services that are available to you as a part of the sanctioned circuit.

All shows have some things in common. They all need judges, awards, insurance, and money to operate. They all need to be advertised in order to attract contestants. In the gaited horse world, they generally avail themselves of a USDA certified inspection program, known as an HIO, in order to ensure compliance with the federal law known as the Horse Protection Act.
2012 Sanctioning Form is available in PDF format - HERE

FOSH is a non-profit, public benefit, non-member, education and humane association. Our purpose is to provide opportunities for the education of exhibitors and the general public about gaited horses and the promotion of the sound, naturally gaited horse, trained in compliance with the federal law. FOSH sanctioned shows are for the exhibition of flat shod horses only. We do not sanction or affiliate shows where so-called performance horses of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed [stacked and action devices] are shown, and we do not endorse shows that are associated with any organization that includes in its program so-called performance horses.

FOSH administers under its umbrella, a national judging program known as the Independent Judges Association. The IJA publishes a rule book which sets the standards by which IJA officials mark cards. The rule book also makes suggestions about how shows may wish to operate. FOSH sanctioned shows retain local autonomy over administrative procedures, classes to offer (including local option classes), the awarding of prize money, and other situations that may be unique to a particular show. The IJA is there to judge shows. FOSH is here, in part, to sanction sound horse opportunities. Show managers are there to run shows and to make them successful. We are all part of the promotion of the sound horse.

If you are part of the FOSH sanctioned shows, we ask that you use an IJA judge. These judges are trained and licensed professionals with exceptional credentials across a variety of breeds. However, if you have a local judge that you would like to put in center ring, you may obtain a one time guest card for an additional fee. Ties awarded by IJA judges also can count towards the TWHBEA versatility program.
Details of FOSH's certified DQP program are available on this web site and further information can be obtained from Sue Moses, 801-763-7959. (Mountain Standard Time)

There is no requirement that a horse show hire an HIO for inspections. However, the USDA does, under the federal law, hold show management responsible for fines and penalties if a sore horse is to be found on the show grounds or in competition without the presence of an on-site USDA certified HIO. If you believe that there is no problem with the horses showing in your area, and you have a way to ensure that sore and scarred horses are not allowed on the show grounds or in the ring, you may choose to forego the services of an HIO and assume the liability should a sore or scarred horse be discovered at your show. A Tech-note titled 'The Horse Protection Act: Responsibilities of Horse Show Management' is available from the USDA at:

Show managers deal directly with HIOs in paying affiliation and inspection fees and carry on negotiations with those bodies for obtaining inspectors, paying stipends and other expenses.

Show managers also negotiate directly with IJA judges for fees and expenses. When you decide to sanction a show with us, we will provide you with a list of our current judges. Within 30 days after the show, Show Management is required to complete and return the IJA Judges Evaluation form to the Director of Judges, as well as completed class sheets/show results to the Points Chairman.

All FOSH sanctioned shows are automatic participants in the national high point program. Point books will be available to the show managers for distribution to the exhibitors. There is no fee per horse, and no fee paid by the shows to participate in the points programs.

There is another benefit of sanctioning your show with the FOSH circuit. We include your show in our Calendar of Events, listing your show dates, the name of your show, and a point of contact. We run our Calendar of Events in the Equine Journal, our bi-monthly magazine, the Sound Advocate and on our FOSH website.

Show managers may also wish to avail themselves of a custom FOSH logo for medallions for horse show ribbons available at no charge through Hodges Badge. If you decide to take a stand for the sound flat shod horse, you may want to consider sanctioning your show with FOSH. The application for sanctioning your show is available HERE for the pdf version and HERE for the WORD version.

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