Volunteers!  Music to our ears!  We always need help, and we can customize the project or assignment to fit your interests.  Almost any service you can offer

will be enthusiastically received.  Here are a few examples…

  1. Put on a sound horse show
  2. Help at a horse show
  3. Learn to be an inspector (DQP)
  4. Write for our magazine
  5. Attend shows known for soring abuse and video/photo proof for the USDA and the public
  6. Help compile our bi-monthly magazine
  7. Search the Internet for news and video footage
  8. Keep our web site information current with our professional web master
  9. Welcome new members
  10. Help create videos
  11. Work at an expo booth
  12. Improve member information packets and marketing info
  13. Help analyze Excel spreadsheets or Access databases for soring violations
  14. Write press releases
  15. Assist the USDA is compiling listings of all Tennessee Walking Horse shows
  16. Visit training barns and tell us what you observe
  17. Scrutinize show news for people showing while on HPA suspension
  18. Fund raising efforts to raise donations
  19. Design printed material and brochures
  20. Become an IJA Judge for horse shows
  21. Promote & display our retail items
  22. Join our Executive Advisory Committee, and possibly move onto the Board of Directors
  23. Gather great photos of sound, gaited horses
  24. Get involved to help end soring
  25. Assist with the Sound Horse Conference
  26. Get involved in Washington DC with politics to end soring
  27. Outreach assignments to help us get new members
  28. Help with just about anything you are interested in!


Please e-mail our President Teresa Bippen with your thoughts… we want YOU!

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