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FOSH Show Sanctioning Guidelines and Show Planner

We are providing this FOSH Show Sanctioning Guidelines and Show Planner for horse show managers or organizers. Please browse through this page to find all the essential information and forms you need if you wish to sanction your horse shows with FOSH. Here is the list of topics that will be discussed in the sections included on this page:

Section I - Show Sanctioning Information

Section II - Guidelines and Planner

Responsibilities Before the Show

  • Show Insurance
  • DQP Services
  • Judges

Responsibilities After the Show

  • Reporting/Posting Show Results
  • Judges Evaluation Form
  • Article About Your Show

Section III - FOSH Sanctioning Application

Section IV – Appendix

  • FOSH Glossary
  • Show Packet Contents
  • Points of Contact

Section I - Show Sanctioning Information

A. A sanctioning fee of $25 is required for all shows. However, it would be truly appreciated if you choose to give an additional donation to further assist FOSH in our mission to promote and protect gaited horses. Please remember that FOSH is now a 501(c)(3) corporation, and any contributions made are tax-deductible.

B. If FOSH sanctions your show and you would like us to set up a link from our webpage for your show, please provide the link information on the Sanctioning Application form found in Section III of this guide.

Section II - Guidelines and Planner

Responsibilities BEFORE the Show

1. Application for FOSH Sanctioning

  • Please complete the application form provided in Section III of this guide and return it to FOSH Show Sanctioning, c/o Pauline Stotsenberg, 23905 Clinton Keith #114-321, Wildomar, CA 92595.
  • Please return the application at least 90 days before the show dates, along with all necessary fees and the proposed class list. FOSH Sanctioned Shows are rated based on the types of classes, so you are encouraged to include a copy of your class list. You may send all the applications and other paperwork regarding sanctioning via email. You may also send your questions to the contact details provided below:
Pauline Stotsenberg

2. Advertising

  • Once we receive your application, fees, and proof of Insurance, your show’s dates, contact information, and location will be posted to the FOSH web page and published in FOSH’s newsletter called The Sound Advocate.
  • To take advantage of the advertising, please send your Sanctioning Application at least 90 days prior to your show to meet advertising deadlines. Direct your questions to:
Pauline Stotsenberg

3. Show Insurance

To sanction your show with FOSH, you will be required to provide insurance proof for your show, listing FOSH as an additional insured on the policy. The additional insured should be listed as Friends of Sound Horses, 6614 Clayton Road #105, St. Louis, MO 63117. Direct questions to:

Pauline Stotsenberg

4. DQP

  • We recommend that a DQP inspection service be hired by show management for every show to protect the horses, exhibitors, owners, and show management. You must use the FOSH DQP program if a DQP is used.
  • Please fill out and return the DQP form to affiliate with the FOSH DQP program. The form will be included with your show packet to be sent on receipt of your completed sanctioning application.
  • If you have questions or need assistance in hiring a DQP, please email us at or contact our staff:
Lisa Harris
Teresa Bippen

5. Judges

Show management should hire their show judges directly. We strongly recommend using judges from the Independent Judges Association. This association has some of the nation’s best-qualified judges for naturally gaited horses among its ranks.
  • FOSH will not sanction your show if you use a judge from another Tennessee Walking Horse organization.
  • Other judges unrelated to other TWH organizations can be utilized by requesting a guest card from the FOSH Director of Judges. We will only issue one guest guard per judge every year.
  • Please be advised that all FOSH regional championships should hire an IJA judge.
  • If you have not already hired a judge for your show and you need assistance hiring judges from the IJA, contact the Director of IJA Judges. Here are her contact details:

Dianne Little

6. IJA Rule Book

The IJA Rule Book governs all shows sanctioned by FOSH. We will send a complimentary copy of the rule book to show management for use during the show. You can also download additional copies for free from our website.

Please read and review the Rule Book before the show. You can direct any questions or concerns you have to the Director of IJA Judges, Dianne Little.
FOSH sanctioned shows can use the FOSH logo on show ribbons. The FOSH logo (sunrise logo) is available exclusively through Hodges Badge Company. Here is Hodges Badge Company’s contact information:

Hodges Badge Company
P.O. Box 1290
Portsmouth, RI 02871
(800) 556-2440

Responsibilities AFTER the Show

1. To Be Returned to the Sanctioning Director Within 30 Days:

  • Show Results: The show management must submit a complete copy of all class results to FOSH. If your show uses Horseshowtime, the results must be posted within two weeks.
  • Article About Your Show, Suitable for Publishing: If you would like your show to have an article in our newsletter, The Sound Advocate, please submit an article regarding your event, which would be suitable and ready for publication. Your article will be posted in our newsletter at no cost. You may forward a copy of the article in Word format to The Sound Advocate editor at

2. To Be Returned to the Director of Judges Within 30 days:

AP403 Judges Evaluation Form – The show management should send us the completed Judges Evaluation Form provided with the show packet to the Director of IJA Judges even when a non-IJA judge is used.

3. To Be Returned to the DQP Director Within 30 days:

AP406 Show Management After Event Report – The show management should submit a completed after-action form provided with the show packet to Lisa Harris. Please mail to:

Lisa Harris

4. AP406A To Be Filed if You Did Not Use a Certified HIO:

Federal Regulations (9CFR, Part 11, Section 11.24) require any management of horse shows, sales, exhibitions, or auctions containing Racking Horses or Tennessee Walking Horses to report to the USDA Officials within five days following the conclusion of the event.

Section III - FOSH Sanctioning Application

Section IV - Appendix

A. FOSH Glossary:

  • FOSH Sanctioned Shows: These are shows that agree to follow the IJA rules for their standard for judging. It also signifies that a show is following FOSH sound principles and guidelines.
  • Affiliated Shows: These are horse shows that have hired certified and trained DQPs.
  • FOSH Affiliated Shows: These are shows that use the service of DQPs provided through the FOSH Inspection Program.

B. Show Packet Contents:

  • Current IJA Rule Book (May Be Sent Under Separate Cover)
  • IJA Judge Evaluation Forms (2) and Addressed Envelope To Return Completed
    Forms Post-Show
  • DQP Request Forms and DQP Information and Addressed Envelope To Return Info
  • In Post-Show
  • FOSH Membership Information
(The show packet will be sent to you when the Director of Show Sanctioning receives your completed sanctioning form and applicable fees.)

C. FOSH Points of Contact

For Show Sanctioning Concerns:

Pauline Stotsenberg

For Show Sanctioning Concerns:

Lisa Harris

Teresa Bippen
For Questions About IJA Judges or the IJA Rule Book:

Dianne Little

Learn more about the rules and standards in hiring IJA judges for your horse shows; visit our IJA Rule Book page.
You may also contact us with your questions.