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HIO Inspection Program (Affiliating a Show)

FOSH's HIO Inspection Program — Ensuring Compliance to the Horse Protection Act

FOSH’s HIO Inspection Program is an established one handled by certified and trained experts who ensure that the provisions and regulations of the Horse Protection Act (HPA or the Act) are impartially and reliably fulfilled. These experts are also known as Designated Qualified Persons (DQPs) when they are working in the field. DQPs have no enforcement authority other than as delegated by the USDA for inspections at horse shows, exhibitions, and sales where they have been assigned. Shows, sales, and exhibitions wishing to use FOSH DQPs enter into a contract with FOSH to be “affiliated.”

FOSH considers its relationship with the USDA as one of the partnerships in ending the illegal soring and pressure soring practices in the equine industry. As outlined in the Horse Protection Act, FOSH provides safeguards for compliant exhibitors by ensuring that unfit horses to enter a show ring are not placed in competitions.

We have been certified by the USDA to inspect horses and write citations for violations of the HPA. The legal responsibility to enforce the Act rests solely with the USDA. It is not a responsibility that can be delegated to any non-federal or non-governmental organization or agency.

At FOSH, we condemn the abuse of horses and would like to bring this cause to more people’s attention. We aim to educate our clients about how to identify, treat, and even help fight for better health for horses. Read essential information that every horse owner should know; find them on our Education page.